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In search of the All-Weather Leader

As part of our White Water Insights research series, we are introducing a new white paper on leadership. Over the last 10 years – and in our previous careers – we have worked with hundreds of successful as well as struggling executives, and we have continuously...

An inconvenient truth

This week being Passover, I revisited a post from a couple of years ago, The Rabbi’s leadership wisdom. In it, I debated the relationship between ‘telling it like it is’ and unintended consequences: in corporate life, like in real life, the messenger bears in part the...
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The Art of the Apology in a Connected World

As we have seen in a recent post, the Truth is now a distant consideration in the public narrative; yet the demand for heartfelt apologies is constant, be it regarding poor product reviews on Twitter to the latest tube delays – Yes, we now have The Wrong Kind Of...
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