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What’s your mission?

Who are you? What difference can you make? Why are you here? Some people just know. Others are on a voyage of discovery. Open-minded exploration is fundamental to happiness. Pay attention and see patterns in your life. What central themes recur? When you pursue a...

The Happiness Formula

A bit of science: Happiness = S+C+V. S is your set range: the way you were born. Some of us are born a bit more grumpy, some a bit more cheerful. It maybe counts for 50% of your long term happiness. C is for circumstances, i.e. climate, wealth, health, marital status,...

Cultivate cheerfulness

“Cheerfulness is like money well expended in charity; the more we dispense of it, the greater our possessions” Victor Hugo. Misery and cynicism can suck you in with little effort. It takes real determination to be cheerful. Make the choice every day about the emotions...

Top 10 happy reading

Out for a run in London this morning a poem, On Westminster Bridge by Wordsworth, came to mind “Earth has not anything to show more fair, dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty…’ Great writers have said wonderful things...

Born yesterday

Positive Psychology developed this question: If you were born yesterday, what would you choose as habits, hang-ups or rituals? Would you continue your old pattern of worries or still be afraid of your own shadow, spiders, public speaking or commitment? Or would you...

See a bright future

The slogan, ‘things can only get better’ was hijacked by politicians, but what other way is there to see life? Embrace the possible. Be interested rather than daunted by new developments in technology, science and food. Imagine the possible. Of course we have problems...

Pass the laugh

A group exercise: the first person laughs, the next person has to laugh bigger, the next bigger still, pass the laugh on and on. Even though it starts off fake, in no time people are weeping and holding their sides, cackling like banshees. Anyone watching is caught up...

It’s not all about you

You usually know what you want in most situations. What acts like social glue is the ability to recognise what other people need and want, too. People are critical to real happiness. Good relations enhance life. Find balance: WIIFM – What’s in it for Me? Know what you...
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