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Loving in the workplace

As all the red roses droop, the hearts and balloons are put away for another year and the public displays of intimacy are past, we are thinking about what it takes for leaders to foster true relationships in the workplace. Do we set a calendar date to tell people how...
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Bringing in the bacon and bringing up baby

I answered the home phone and was asked if the caller could speak to the main breadwinner. I expressed some irritation and declined the conversation. Partly I wasn’t entirely sure who was and I certainly wasn’t content to hand over to my husband, if I worked it out to...

Dancing in the moment

Rush, rush, rush. . .I often have real concern in organisations when I see people lurch from one frenetic activity to the next, taking little opportunity to sit back and reflect on what and how they are doing. It often makes for bad business due to tunnel vision....

Finding my own voice

I was on stage last autumn in Denver, Colorado when I had the ultimate,’Gosh, if I’d only known that, back then’ moment. Interviewing me was a friend who had once been my student flatmate. So, we have a long history. We laughed at the thought of going back to tell our...
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