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Bringing in the bacon and bringing up baby

I answered the home phone and was asked if the caller could speak to the main breadwinner. I expressed some irritation and declined the conversation. Partly I wasn’t entirely sure who was and I certainly wasn’t content to hand over to my husband, if I worked it out to...

(De)-focused leadership?

In the moments before I took the call asking me to speak on BBC Radio about Focus, I had been: commenting on a family WhatsApp conversation, checking my phone messages, updating Facebook, reading e-mails, catching up on LinkedIn; and feeling guilty about not tweeting...

Nominate! Male Leadership research

New research from White Water Group in association with NatWest Markets, seeks to learn about good male leaders. Those leaders who succeed in these turbulent, diverse and more complex times, who are inclusive in their approach and are role models for younger men and...

Negotiation Skills: natural or learnt?

Negotiating is an essential life skill that we are not always explicitly taught. What are the key secrets of good negotiators? Averil Leimon, Leadership Psychologist and Director of White Water Group, discussed it all with Stephen Jardine on BBC Radio Scotland –...

Straight Talking can be for Good News too

Being a straight talker doesn’t mean that you have to be critical or offensive. We avoid not only confrontation but the good stuff too, suspicious of positive comments as just being a softener before the negative! If you take the opportunity to praise others in a...

Political correctness v. unconscious bias

In the increasingly fractious debate of what constitutes acceptable public speech, organisation err towards bland caution, for fear of unleashing a twitter storm damageable to their reputation. Yet the same organisations routinely reinforce the use of expressions that...

Averil Leimon talks about motivation

Listen to Averil on BBC Radio 4 ‘Women’s Hour’ talking about motivation with the two Olympic Champions Tessa Sanderson CBE and Dame Kelly Holmes. Click here to listen to the full podcast. Would you like to learn more about motivation and how to feel...
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