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Build hope

Hopefulness is mainly learned and is one of the key strengths that contribute to happiness. A hopeful person has the belief that future good events will outweigh bad ones. Yet pessimism is often the preferred thinking style. People claim that, if you don’t hope, then...

Bounce back

Think back to a difficult event in your life. How did you find your way through? What gave you the strength to carry on? Some of the factors that decide how easily you will overcome adversity and bounce back afterwards are having a strong support system, building an...

Build resilience

Life can be a challenge – long hours, multiple demands, lots of stresses. We often love it that way but it can dent your happiness. In order to keep up the intense life you want, you need to build yourself up. Start by constructing a personal model of resilience. Who...

Stop predicting feelings

People say, “I’d be so happy if x happens” or “I would be devastated if y happened”. Actually we are very bad predicting both how you will feel and for how long (affective forecasting). People think winning the lottery will make them very happy for a long time. In...

Director’s cut

Life is often a blur as we move fast through activities, hardly noticing where we’ve been. Hurry sickness leads to stress, depression or feeling dislocated from life because of all the ‘busyness’. Even moving at speed, make the effort to connect with the world. See...

Choose your sensations

Wherever you are, make choices. Don’t waste happiness on trivial irritations. So, you have to wait in a queue? Why get yourself worked up? What a great opportunity to escape to a desert island (in your head at least). Imagine the waves lapping, the birds singing and...

Count your blessing

At the end of every day, as you go home from work or put your head on the pillow, your thoughts are likely to be full of what you didn’t do or haven’t achieved. Scientists call this the Zeigarnick Effect. It may have evolutionary value, making sure you complete...

Pay it forward

Benjamin Franklin talked about this idea, books have been written about it and the film with this name stars Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment. The concept is easy to describe. Help three people. Do something for them that they cannot do for themselves....
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