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Acting for Impact

Matt Beresford, Senior Expert & Theatre Director The key principles of acting are a useful tool when considering how to enhance impact. Unfortunately, acting carries with it many misconceptions. At the most basic level, we think of acting as simply pretence...

Happiness in the UK

The Office of National Statistics have just released its 2016 figures on happiness in the UK. Needless to say, people immediately went and tagged one town ‘the unhappiest in the UK’ slightly missing and also proving a point. Hear Averil talking about this on the...

Fight club for Women?

I have been banging on about women for a long time. . . .a very long time. Amazing what turns up if you Google yourself. That press cutting came from 1983 and was my public speaking debut. I remember it well, even that I was wearing a fabulous cream trouser suit with...

Dancing in the moment

Rush, rush, rush. . .I often have real concern in organisations when I see people lurch from one frenetic activity to the next, taking little opportunity to sit back and reflect on what and how they are doing. It often makes for bad business due to tunnel vision....
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Titania – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Have we not all wanted to ‘do a Blackadder’ and deliver Shakespeare a smart bop on the noggin when, for the hundredth time, we were made to read A Midsummer Night’s Dream in school? One of the more endlessly regurgitated of his plays, ‘the dream’ might have very...

The Happiness Formula

A bit of science: Happiness = S+C+V. S is your set range: the way you were born. Some of us are born a bit more grumpy, some a bit more cheerful. It maybe counts for 50% of your long term happiness. C is for circumstances, i.e. climate, wealth, health, marital status,...
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