Averil Leimon

Averil is an experienced leadership psychologist, founder of White Water Group, author, and a force behind White Water Women. Averil started her early career working with women. In the 1980s, with great optimism, she designed and ran the first University of Glasgow nightclasses for women on interpersonal skills and she hired Strathclyde Business School to run programmes for women on Confidence, Assertiveness and Success for Women. These led to her corporate work. Increasingly successful and working at the most senior levels, it gradually dawned on her that she was always working with men. When she began to research what had happened to the women, she became passionate about championing the cause to encourage more women to achieve their potential and move into senior positions.

In researching for the book, Coaching Women to Lead, Averil interviewed 25 senior women to get their opinions. She only needed 10 but was enjoying herself way too much to stop! Based on these conversations, her own experience of women, sound psychological theories and an extensive knowledge of business, she devised the range of workshops and development experiences that she felt women needed most for success. Her style is forthright, pragmatic and humorous while her psychological insight is profound.

Averil is married with two daughters aged 23 and 19 with whom she is writing a book on Motherhood and Coaching. Her husband is a doctor who has recently transformed himself into an actor.