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White Water Women is determined to give women their best chance of success at work by equipping them with the skills, the attitudes and the confidence to make it to the top in their careers. We do this through really effective programmes - open or in-house - and focused coaching.

Our Programmes

We know that there are certain things that will accelerate a person’s career. Men often do these things instinctively but many women don’t.

So we have put together a finely tuned range of original workshops and coaching offerings to address those exact issues and maximise the chances of success in your chosen field. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Below are the fundamental programmes, including women-focused business coaching For executive coaching for senior women see our one-to-one Executive Coaching offering; to help organisations design more women-friendly organisations, see our Gender Diversity consulting offering.

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Women in Business Blog


Find Your Leadership Voice

The Issues: Women encounter specific issues when aiming to make their mark in a corporate environment. For example, women often feel they have to submerge […]


Manage Your Career

The Issues: Women are less likely to plan their career from the start Male styles of career planning can be too rigid and prescriptive for […]


Build Your Confidence

The Issues: One of the most striking findings of our research is that even the most successful women lack confidence: you are not alone! Sometimes […]


Becoming Strategic

The Issues: Although women score highly in all senior management competences, multiple research studies have shown that they appear to fall short on the ‘vision […]


Network like a Natural

The Issues: Women confuse networking with not working Men traditionally have clearer routes to making professional contacts Women often have two jobs to do so […]


Young Women’s One-to-One Coaching

Nowadays the most senior, successful women have executive coaches to guarantee the maximum development of their talent. It is usually reserved for a small group […]


Managing through Change

The Issues: Is your company rationalising or downsizing? Has your contract changed recently to incorporate different/new skills or hours? Is your organisation undergoing continual change? […]


From Boardroom to Question Time

The confidence to enter the Boardroom is earned through skills and practice… Confidence is complex: it is a combination of beliefs, skills and practice. Our […]


Role model evenings

It is easy to think ‘I don’t know how she does it’ when viewing senior women as distant models of perfection. We invite 3 of our […]

Young Women’s One-to-One Coaching

Although organisations now recognise the value of coaching, it remains inaccessible for many women. Whether you want a career change or recently got promoted to […]

10 Steps to Success for Ambitious Women

You will achieve a lot more when you combine strong beliefs and great behaviours… Our Women in Business Leadership series helps you boost all the aspects […]

The Emerging Female Talent Club

In the corporate world, Women’s Leadership Programmes and tailored coaching for women is becoming a very effective way to fill the pipeline and have a […]


Leadership Secrets of Theatre Directing

Looking for a more authentic leadership style? Women – and men – for whom the classic ‘hero’ model doesn’t work, are often at a loss […]

Case Studies

We work with some of the best-known companies and professional services firms in Europe, as well as a confidential group of entrepreneurs and private equity providers.

We are also always on the lookout for the best tools and thinking available. This allows to develop relevant solutions ahead of our client’s needs. To achieve this, we partner with research institutions and non academic partners.


We wanted to provide you with useful resources that would inspire, assist and entertain you on your path to leadership success.

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White Water Leaders

We work with emerging and established leaders in the area of personal development, executive coaching, team dynamics and board relationships. We are business analysts and psychologists. Working with hundreds of senior people we are constantly refining our models of leadership and excellence.


White Water Strategies

Developing great leaders requires a master plan: we work with our clients to gain sustainable competitive advantage through people. Our consulting offering ranges from Gender Diversity Strategies, to Talent Strategies, to overall Business Strategies.