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BBC Radio 3

Leadership in Classical Music

There is a fascinating parallel between the professionalisation of management and the rise and fall of big Conductor personalities… In this week’s ‘Music Matters’ on BBC Radio 3, Averil Leimon sets the scene for a discussion about power in art....

In search of the All-Weather Leader

As part of our White Water Insights research series, we are introducing a new white paper on leadership. Over the last 10 years – and in our previous careers – we have worked with hundreds of successful as well as struggling executives, and we have continuously...

An inconvenient truth

This week being Passover, I revisited a post from a couple of years ago, The Rabbi’s leadership wisdom. In it, I debated the relationship between ‘telling it like it is’ and unintended consequences: in corporate life, like in real life, the messenger bears in part the...
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