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How happy would you say you were yesterday? How happy do you want to be tomorrow? How can you work to be happier in life and work? Good positive emotions like happiness are important because they increase our chances of being more successful and healthy. Happiness! People tend to think Happiness is a very big and complicated topic. In fact, science shows that it is often the seemingly little things that make a huge difference to people’s well – being and sense of contentment. White Water Women wants to take you on a journey over 100 days to show you how happiness can be increased in 100 easy little lessons from Positive Psychology. 100 Lessons on Happiness in 100 words or less was born in 2011 as an Ebook. If you are in a hurry or too curious to wait until the end of the summer to reach the happiness inside you, you are welcome to download the Kindle Edition from Amazon. If you are patient, every day White Water Women will delight your summer with a new post on Happiness. Build hope, believe in yourself and discover the ‘Happiness Formula’.

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