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I love the London marathon. I live in Blackheath and watch the place transform every year. I am so impressed by the military precision with which everything is organised. This has improved year on year as lessons are learned and changes put in place. From the set up, involving teams of lorries, workers and more Port-a-Loos than you would have thought possible through to the immense clear up operation, which still continues this week, everything works like clockwork. Roll on the Olympics if this will be the standard.

Then there are the runners themselves. 37,000 people came with their own particular aim in mind this year whether it is the elite runners looking for their personal best or the mass of ‘fun’ runners, many of whom are raising money for causes dear to their hearts. Apparently this is the largest fund raising event in the world. Not to forget the supporters who line the route cheering till the last person is through. You see them later in the day too, flanking their medal wearing friend or family member with pride What is wonderful about something like this whether you are one of the organisers or one of the many participants, is the chance to be involved in a vast positive shared activity. I can’t help feeling fortunate that my home is shrouded in a (non volcanic) cloud of good feeling, positivity and achievement at this time every year. While I, and many of you, have absolutely no intention of running a marathon ourselves, (I was once told I was built to sprint, so that is my get out clause.) most of us do enjoy being part of something bigger than ourselves and playing whatever part we can.

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