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I’m quite partial to millennials… Are you?

Today the Telegraph interviews Averil and other experts on how to lead millennials. Views range from the ‘received wisdom’ of the Entitled Generation to more subtle cues on getting the best out of them…

Where some see uncommitted workers, Averil discusses more entrepreneurial workers seeking a fuller life: “They want to find ways to incorporate real relationships, be hands on in bringing up their kids, keep up external interests and be fit and healthy.” This is facilitated by the fact that “They grew up with technology so they know how to work remotely and cannot see why sitting in a building is required. They don’t ‘go to work’, they just work.”

“There are countless examples of unhappy baby boomers who, for their whole career, have been absent, workaholic, and money-focused because they perhaps felt they had no choice. Indeed, if we were to design a business all over again to suit human nature, allowing people the chance to use their strengths for fair reward and have a satisfying home life, wouldn’t we want this, too?”

Read on in this article by Tanith Carey

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