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Back to basics: How to choose the best Executive Coach for you?

Executive Coaching is a significant cash investment for organisations and time investment for individuals. Its scope has grown tremendously over the past 10 years because when it works, it works really well! Yet, there is a lot of pleasant and largely ineffectual coaching out there. If you work for a large organisation, you are likely to be asked to choose between proposed coaches through a so-called chemistry session. How can you tell the effective coach from simply somebody you will get on well with? How will you ensure your return on your investment? Specifically, how do you tell a coach who helps clients to get their results from somebody simply sharing their experience? How can you find somebody who is psychologically competent and who has a deep understanding of business issues? Think about the questions below, then watch the video. Questions to ask a prospective coach: • What process and models do you use in coaching? • How do you measure success and effectiveness? • How do you handle confidentiality? • What changes have you made in your own life? • What is your understanding of business issues? Then ask yourself: • How did the coach handle the questions – did I feel respected, were my feelings acknowledged and my views challenged? • Did I feel listened to in a way that was different from most other relationships in my life? • Can I work with this person? Simple enough right? – You’d be surprised how many Executives forget the basics when it comes to their coaching … To find out more about our Executive Coaching offering, including specialised programmes, visit this page. Watch this video for our key tips: Contact us now for a free consultation

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