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22 Dec

A lot of people seem to have watched Love Actually on TV the other night – a growing Christmas tradition. At the start, there are scenes of people meeting and the voice over talks of the fact that many phone messages were sent just before the Twin Towers fell in New York. None of those message were of hate or even irritation. They all took that last chance to talk of love. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to tell people how much we love them this Christmas and even to tell them some of the reasons. Go on – be schmaltzy – focus on the best in the people around you and don’t leave the good stuff unsaid. It may not entirely make up for being stuck in the Channel tunnel,most UK airports or even one of our stricken mainline train stations due to ‘the wrong kind of snow’ but it will create its own more productive climate change. 23 Dec There’s one day left before Christmas. This is the point where prioritising becomes essential. I spoke early in the month about not aiming to be perfect. Positive psychology talks about ‘maximisers’ and ’satisficers’. (I know – dreadful words) The former always get the absolutely right thing – whether it is a table in a restaurant, a job or a Christmas present. The latter aim high too but know when to say, ‘That will do’. Interestingly, research shows that the satisficers tend to be much happier in the long run – perhaps because they do not get so tense trying to be perfect. My best friend was admitted to hospital today so the time table went out of the window, the final frills went unattended because nothing matters as much as love and friendship. Just try to remember that when half the fairy lights go on the blink. Try keeping one eye shut perhaps? Christmas Eve ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse’ Yeah, right – what about the potato peeling, present wrapping, doll’s house building, battery finding, stocking filling, last minute panicking . . . . .? Almost there. Hope your Christmas is as magical as it possibly can be. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas


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