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How millennials help drive Fear out of the Corporate world – there is a lot more to them than lazy Snowflake descriptions…

In this interview with The Daily Telegraph our expert, François Moscovici, comes to the defence of misunderstood millennials. The feature challenges Simon Sinek’s famous description of the snowflake generation and provides multiple examples of how previous generations can learn from the new.

Here is what François had to say:

“If millennials feel they have plateaued and are no longer picking up new skills, they will go elsewhere. They are more life-centric than work-centric, and if they stop learning on the job, they just move on.”

“Money is no longer the chief motivator, because the ‘mechanisms of fear’ that millennials live by are different from their parents’ generation. The previous generation has worked essentially in a climate of fear: fear of not being able to pay the mortgage, fear of not being able to send their kids to private school.”

“What I find is that the younger generations are pretty much fearless, and if a job doesn’t work for them, they’ll just find something else.”

“They don’t want their work to go into the black hole. They want to know how they have done, that their work has had an impact, and they want to learn from it.”

Our latest observations tally up with previous research on diversity and how the interests of modern employees and that of women are largely converging.

The access to the full feature is paywalled on https://digitaledition.telegraph.co.uk/editions/edition_Ze9Ry_2019-07-30/data/694496/index.html?

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