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This client, a major bank, wanted to develop women at every level in the organisation to keep the talent pipeline filled. While coaching was provided for the more senior women, a more economical solution was sought for women throughout retail banking across the country. Drawing from our extensive research with women, White Water Group, developed core content for groups of around 12-20 women at a time to be conducted in regional centres. These workshops were practical and high energy and by engaging with wide ranges of women, encouraged a ground swell of behaviour change and dissemination of ideas throughout the bank. Key topics included:

  • Increase your Confidence – many women have situational issues with confidence. While competent in many areas, they are less confident when facing new challenges. As a result of this programme, participants tried out new behaviours and became more clear about their ambitions.
  • Plan your career – despite having more complicated lives than many men, women are prone to leaving their success to chance or slow down their advancement in anticipation. In this programme, women mapped their career aspirations over the next 5, 10 and 20 years and set actions in progress toward their goals.
  • Make yourself heard – sometimes women struggle to get their opinions taken seriously. On this programme they learned to project presence and gravitas and ensure they presented their opinions in an effective manner.
  • Get a grip – Women often have a variety of different roles to fulfill and tend to set unreasonably high standards for all of them, ending up with dissatisfying work – life balance. On this programme women built their resilience, prioritised their activities and recalibrated their expectations and definitions of success. Actual components of the programme will always be decided in consultation with the client to meet the specific needs of their women.

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