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Coaching Women to Lead

We have traditionally resisted the idea of a different coaching approach for women: first we don’t like to entrench differentiation if it is not necessary and second, any women-specific issue can be approached with traditional methods and adapted for context.

However, we have also realised that we could play a part in helping accelerate the accession of women to the boardroom, creating financial value for our clients. Research on the business case, and how to engage both the organisation and women themselves is available in our latest book Coaching Women To Lead  (Routledge).

We work with women leaders as we work with senior men, but we know which themes are likely to be important, which issues have to be confronted and which decisions have to be made at each life and career stage. In short, every senior woman should be coached, for reasons which are obvious from our interviews of 25 successful corporate women summarised in the book.

More junior women can also benefit from self-funded coaching, dedicated programmes and peer networking.

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