The First 100 Days

The busiest time of your life. That’s why you can’t afford not to have a coach

So you have been appointed to the Big Job. What do you do tomorrow morning? All of a sudden everybody wants your attention, and everybody is watching your every move. But there is no-one to talk to anymore. And the clock is ticking.

If you don’t do it in the first 100 days, you will never do it

If you have been recently appointed to your first major leadership position, we provide neutral, experienced support at a time when you need to play many new roles under great time pressure and visibility. We help you to project-manage the complex set of analysis and decisions that you face, acting as a sounding board, communication experts, financial analysts, business modelers or any other skill required while you ‘drink from the corporate fire hose’. We help you prioritise what is really important and push back on unrealistic expectations. We also help you validate and build your team as well as manage internal and external stakeholders, including Non-Executive Directors or higher level boards. Equally importantly, we also coach you to grow in confidence in your new role…

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