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John Dent

Senior Expert
John Dent
John Dent is a sports scientist who leads the health and fitness aspects of our Resilience programme. He also works one to one with our clients helping them manage the many challenges of leading in the fast lane…

So what makes John special? First, he understands human nature: “booze, coffee and excess are all part of corporate life, so you have to look at the individual physically, chemically and emotionally. It is not useful to blame people who are exhausted, stressed or simply have no understanding of what healthy behaviour looks like. I try to give people strategies to improve their health that are not always about exercise routines. For example, if somebody over-uses their fight or flight nervous system and have poor sleep patterns, it is important to equip them with new routines that will steady them and increase sleep before they can start getting fit.”

After completing a sporting degree at Loughborough, John followed his natural inclination to play professional rugby and joined Racing Club in Paris. He returned to London in 1995 to work with sports stars who wanted to get back to fitness after back surgery, as well as executives wanting to change their lifestyle and fitness levels.

John keeps adding to his knowledge of fitness and balance: he is a member of the CHEK institute, a body of elite sports coaches from California as well as a teacher of Body Control Pilates. He is also a certified Golf Biomechanic – which means that he helps with both golf-specific fitness and the healing of related injuries.

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