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Celebrate Today 100 years of International Women’s Day.

Celebrate all the wonderful women who in the last 100 years have helped to change the world Think about the women who have been inspirations in your own life Express your gratitude to them in spoken or written word Recognise your own strengths and achievements Pledge to be an inspiration and encouragement to other women

March 8th International Woman’s Day – 100 years

I am sure you know that this is the 100th year of International Women’s Day. We feel that this is an event that should go on all year long. Here at White Water Women we want to make sure that your company has all the help it needs in organising your celebrations. Our own celebration- an Extravaganza for Women will be in a few months time. Averil will be talking at a number of events in the coming months, if you would like her to present to your organisation please contact us at info@whitewatergroup.eu for more information.

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