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Dancing in the moment

Rush, rush, rush. . .I often have real concern in organisations when I see people lurch from one frenetic activity to the next, taking little opportunity to sit back and reflect on what and how they are doing. It often makes for bad business due to tunnel vision....

The Happiness Formula

A bit of science: Happiness = S+C+V. S is your set range: the way you were born. Some of us are born a bit more grumpy, some a bit more cheerful. It maybe counts for 50% of your long term happiness. C is for circumstances, i.e. climate, wealth, health, marital status,...

10 Lessons on Surviving Change

We often forget that ‘good’ change – the type we choose for ourselves can add to stress levels just as much as changes perceived as ‘bad’. Moving house, getting married, having children are usually on the good list – activities we have consciously chosen. Yet they...

Childhood memories

Do you believe that your childhood was the best time of your life? Was your childhood better than the childhood of the children growing up today? Averil Leimon answers to these and more questions on BBC Radio Late Night Conversation.  

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