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Women In Business Online

High quality, affordable, from anywhere.
A programme incorporating over 10 years of research and practice.

Tired of losing expensive female talent in your organisation?

Would you like to create a culture where women thrive and don’t want to leave?

Our unique Women in Business Online programme was designed from the ground up as high quality programme, that is both affordable and accessible to all busy women in your organisation. It is based on our bespoke work in demanding corporations from the BBC to Coutts – the Queen’s bank, and in sectors ranging from engineering to insurance. It is for you if you want:

  • Groups of highly motivated, visible women who act as culture change agents and help each other
  • A stable pipepline of female talent who contribute to lowering the gender pay gap
  • A demonstration of new ways of working and examples of great leadership that benefit the whole organisation
  • A highly cost effective way to foster talent
  • A template for getting the best out of  all ‘differences’ as organisations move from work centric to life centric
  • A fast way to ‘tick the diversity box’ while making it a success

What is it?

Women in Business Online is a blend of self-paced learning and interactive live sessions with a group of like-minded women and supported by experts. The content is based on our latest research organised into 6 Topics:   

  • Women and success
  • Building confidence
  • Staying strong
  • Strategic networking
  • Negotiating life
  • Making an impact   

As participants join the programme they become a member of a tightly-knit cohort. At the end of each Topic there is an opportunity to share their experience, in confidence, with other women in the group and put questions to our experts.

Women learn at their own pace, watching films and completing exercises and then preparing for the video call at the end of each Topic (typically every 3 to 4 weeks).

What can I expect as a participant? 

  • A clear perspective of your ambition and how to achieve it, no matter what the culture or environment of your organisation
  • A deep understanding of the roots of confidence as well as tools and techniques to increase your presence, visibility and impact
  • Clarity on ‘who does what’ in all aspects of your life – including negotiating with yourself!
  • An ability to step up to the next level long before you thought you were fully ready
  • Working with peers in a confidential way and joining a network of alumni with shared experience  

How much does it cost?

The programme consists of about 30 hours of learning, including off-line exercises and video calls. This tranlates into half-a-day per month over 5-6 months.  

Pricing is £1500/person for individuals. 

Corporate programmes – where a company reserves full groups of 10-15 participants – attract volume discounts.   

Stop press ! 

We are running an open taster programme starting on September 29th. Only a few places left. Contact us to join like-minded firms.

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