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Who We Are

White Water was launched in 2002 by psychologists and business analysts. We are both experts and sounding boards. We transform people and work from a belief in our clients’ strengths and capacity to grow. Over time we added more specialists  to support emerging and established leaders in all situations – from rapid change, to corporate loneliness or career questioning. We are all highly engaged in finding ‘the next big thing’ through research. We want our clients to always go faster than the flow

Our Clients

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Coaching and feedback are challenging but supportive; I feel that the team at WW are genuinely interested in my long term development and attainment

It has been hugely valuable to understand how my behaviour and reaction to certain situations can affect the whole team's morale and way of working

A clear willingness to listen and not preach. The advice is based not only on long years of experience in our industry, but on a deep knowledge of human psychology

Without WW support, like most women, I would have just worked harder to a great personal detriment. Instead I adapted to cope with the challenges and kept a healthy approach

WW people demonstrate a refreshing combination of deep subject expertise underpinned by superb delivery

WW has been working with our emerging leaders for years... they provide resilience and equip them with the skills, attitudes and confidence they need to progress in their careers

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